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Health Initiative


B.O.O.C. and the New Zion Health & Wellness Group are teaming up in an effort to educate the entire community on health and wellness issues. The New Zion Health & Wellness Group, headed by Kara Davis M.D., is based out of New Zion Christian Fellowship.

Dr. Davis is the author of "Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss", the developer of the "Weigh of life" class, and the wife of the founder and Pastor of New Zion Christian Fellowship, Bishop Lance Davis. Under the leadership of Dr. Davis, New Zion Health & Wellness Group has held several events for the purpose of informing the south suburban community on topics related to health and nutrition, diet and exercise, disease prevention and treatment options; such as...

  • Health Fairs

  • Walk-A-Thons

  • New Zion New Start

The Health Fairs and Walk-A-Thons, and New Zion New Start are events held to present healthy life choices to the general population. Dr. Davis has a great concern for illnesses that plague minority communities (like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity). New Zion New Start Classes are open to the general public and offers topics that vary from healthy cooking and demonstrations to various disease prevention tactics and health care options. Please check back for the start of the next session.

Classes are held at:
14200 Chicago Rd
Dolton, IL 60419

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