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The B.O.O.C. Youth Center provides Intensive Outreach to youth between the ages of 9 and 18. BYC is designed to give support to youth academically and assist parents by linking them with needed resources and services. The Positive Youth Development framework of BYC incorporates developmental assets which includes the following 5 key components:

  • Life Skills Education

  • Comprehensive Academic Assistance

  • Employability/ Career Readiness Training

  • Parental and Positive Role Model Involvement

  • Recreation, Sports, Music, Cultural & Artistic Activities

BYC is partially funded by DHS to serve youth between the ages of 11-17, however space is limited. Please submit your or your friend's information to receive a referral and an application.


We are always looking for volunteers and mentors. Inquire today to see how you can join our efforts.


There's still room to get your child enrolled with BOOC. Our programs run year-round, and we would love to add your child to our next memorable experience!


Education is one of our core values. We value educators the same. If you feel your educational experience would be useful, we would love to work with you!


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